Monday, February 1, 2010

Every Vintage Fashionista needs a Resource Library

And there's no better source than the Tom Tierney Paper Dolls. Not only are his illustrations fabulous, but his story lines tie everything together. Research, entertainment and glamour all rolled into one.

His American Family of the 1920's takes 3 generations through their daily lives up to a glorious 1920s Wedding. Mr Tierney reinforces the fact that not every woman in the 20's was a Flapper.

Documenting the Glory of the Old South, American Family of the Confederacy brings to life the decadence and glamor of another 3 generational family on a Southern plantation pre Civil War.

Perhaps my favorite of all the historical families.........The American Family of the Colonial Era........sees 3 generations through the beginning and post American Revolution. Authentic under garments as well as post war Pioneer wear is fabulously presented.

Look for these and many other great goodies at cemetarian on eBay.

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