Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Using a scarf in your home decor

Scarves can add personality and color to an otherwise dull room.

Decorate your windows with scarves.

A fun way to spruce up a living room window is to add a colorful scarf as a curtain tie-back. Imagine how a scarf with a boldly graphic print could add impact to an otherwise drab room. To add even more interest, attach some pretty beads to the edges of the scarf you use as a curtain tie-back. You can also use a large scarf as a window treatment, curtain, or valence or sew several scarves together to use as a curtain or other window treatment.

Frame a brightly colored scarf.

Rather than investing in expensive artwork for your walls, why not frame a silk scarf with an interesting abstract print and hang it on the wall. You can frame several different scarves that compliment one another and group them together as a set.

Use large scarves to cover tables.

Large scarves can be used to decorate the mantle of a fireplace or draped over end tables for an added bit of color and artistic charm.

Tie a scarf around a ceramic vase.

Another inexpensive way to dress up a ceramic vase or planter in your living room is to tie a scarf around it and add a big bow in the front. This is a quick way to transform an inexpensive ceramic vase into an artsy, one-of-a-kind piece.

Rejuvenate your old pillows.

Do you have throw pillows on your couch that could use a lift? One way to do this is to tie a beautiful scarf around an old throw pillow. This can be done quickly and easily by wrapping a scarf around the pillow and tying a double knot. Make a series of pillows using interesting scarves and toss them on your couch and living room chairs. It's an inexpensive way to add personality to a room.

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