Thursday, January 21, 2010

Maison Pierre Cardin Celebrates 60 Years

This month A
ssouline celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of Masion Cardin with the publication of a commemorative retrospective on the work of its founder, fashion designer Pierre Cardin. After an early stint with Elase Schiaparelli, Cardin joined Dior in 1946 and opened his own couture house in 1950. A pioneer from the start, he is known for his architectural fashion with a futurist sensibility. Cardin also had an avant-garde understanding of fashion’s relationship to new audiences, presenting his collections to large crowds(literally thousands). He was the first to demonstrate that fashion can be both a creative process and a business—and that one man can excel as both a businessman and an artist. Besides his genius with business(he was also the first to make millions with thousands of licenses), Cardin's super-mod, startlingly futuristic designs are not only highly collectible today, but are also completely relevant and wearable. An extraordinarily innovative and iconoclastic designer, Cardin's designs proved that the avant can not only make highly desirable products, but also make a pretty penny doing so.

“Geometric motifs, asymmetry, oversized buttons and collars, hooped dresses, vinyl inserts—Cardin is an original in every sense of the word.”-Jean-Pascal Hesse, author

Vnyc's 60's Pierre Cardin Mod Contrast Dress-$1,088

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