Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christie's Ups The Vintage Collectors Ante

Yesterday legendary auction house Christie's announced that it will now be offering a virtual online appraisal service for all vintage goods from another legendary house, Gucci. It's a unique idea where users can submit photos of their Gucci objects for appraisal(online primarily), and it makes sense since like any form of collectible art, Gucci has helped shape the world in it's own way in terms of luxury and quality craftsmanship. A team of Christie's and Gucci's own appraisers will inspect your goods where you can then auction them off or submit them to Gucci's archives, or hold on to them. It also has us, vintage collectors ourselves, excited about what's in store for the world of vintage this decade since vintage came so far the previous one. Such a good idea in fact, Chanel & YSL should hop on board too.

At the same time, we wonder if this will inflate prices drastically, after all, many forget that collectible designer vintage was quite expensive when it originally came out. Take a 70's Bill Blass or Geoffrey Beene dress, did you know that those retailed for $750+ back in the day? While that's a See by Chloe number today, $750 then is equivalent to $2,400 today, or your average Chanel day dress.

Vnyc's 80's Gucci Canvas Logo Purse-$158

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