Sunday, January 31, 2010

Key Colors Spring Summer 2010


 Key Colors for Spring Summer 2010

  • Turquoise — cool and tropical, this delicate and feminine blue evokes memories of tropical beaches and cool clear waters.
  • Amparo Blue — a twist on navy, which traditionally represents spring. This is a livelier, brighter hue but still has the warmth of summer; a tone away from Fall 2009’s teal blue and not as harsh against the skin as royal blue.
  • Violet — the color of heather and spring blooms, violet, a cross between lavender and purple is a romantic, feminine gentle hue with uplifting properties.
  • Aurora —a deepish yet soft yellow with a slightly greenish hue, Aurora, according to Pantone, represents the first glimpse of sunshine as it rises over the horizon. A more weable yellow than brighter hues.
  • Fusion Coral — a warm pinky, peachy orange, the color of tropical sunsets and reminicsent of passion fruit.
  • Tomato Puree — the season’s boldest color in a classic, clean pinky red. This uplifting tone works really well with all neutrals or can be teamed with turquoise for a retro look.
  • Pink Champagne — a wispy combination of ivory and beige provides a subtle hint of warm color and provides a sophisticated blank canvas for almost any shade.
  • Tuscany — this warm pinky beige acts as a versatile base color, especially for violet and fusion coral.
  • Dried Herb –— a gray-green neutral base evoking memories of country gardens, a softer tone than khaki but just as versatile.
  • Eucalyptus — a versatile soft gray which will transcend seasons and provides an elegant backdrop to add dramatic pops of color from brightly-colored accessories.
Whether its uplifting splashes of color (Tomato Puree, Violet or Amparo Blue) or the safety net of soft neutrals which are accessible for seasons to come; forecasted colors for 2010 offer a more delicate variation to the traditional red, white and blue so often associated with the spring season. Colors Taken From New York Fashion Week.

To see these beautiful colors visit The Vintage Scarf Website!

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Dresses and Suits

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine Gowns At The Bodacious House of Style!

It's that time of year again, when you want to look your very best for your honey. And my Ebay store has many options to help you achieve your goals!

First, who doesn't love red? I rarely carry smaller sizes, but when I saw this gorgeous dark red rose print gown, I knew that it would be the perfect way to his/her/its heart! Size Small.

Going up in size, here's a green satin 1950s cocktail dress with a flirtatious hip swag, XL:

Or be devastatingly sexy in this 1940s rayon wrap dress, XL:

Shine in this gold flocked silk satin from the early 1960s, on sale, XL Tall:

There is much, much more in my store. So come in, browse, have a look, and buy something beautiful.

Last Day to Enter to Win 4 copies of Vintage Fashions Magazine!

Today is the last day to sign up on my blog for a giveaway of 4 copies of Vintage Fashions magazine, which has been out of print for quite awhile. Come on over to the Couture Allure blog and sign up for your chance to win!

Viva Las's coming soon

And these great Rockabilly patterns and many more can be found on

Just use the search feature and search for Rockabilly or VLV

WallflowerVintage presents: Can't hold back the spring

This gown is BEYOND good. One of our favorites here at Wallflower Vintage. The ruffled neckline and the over the top sexy back on this halter make it the perfect gown for wedding or yacht. The swishy fully lined FULL circle skirt moves as you glide across the floor (or deck). We'll be sad to see it go!

Romance by the window

Years ago I sold this gown. A year after that, this arrived to my inbox. I love when customers send a picture in my vintage. Dreamy isn't it?~panda

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New vintage sweaters listed in The Jennie Orr Store!

Here are some sweaters to help you make it through the winter...

The Don't Pinch Me, I'm Irish and Wearing A Green Sweater
This is a great vintage short sleeved sweater. Green with white flowers and crisscrossing lattice design on the front. This ribbed sweater is a perfect transition piece for winter to spring! It could also be the perfect touch of green to add to any St. Patrick’s Day outfit!

The I'm Not Too Cold I Just Want An Excuse To Wear Something Lacy Sweater
Perfect white cardigan! This vintage Flair Fashions sweater has a delicate lace design and has a light sheer lining to keep it feeling secure and sturdy. Fantastic for a light weight cover up!

The I Hope I Get Lots of Valentines In My Homemade Valentines Box Sweater
This sweater is soft, comfortable and very feminine. The mix of pink and white yarn makes a nice light pink tone. It would be perfect to wear for a hot Valentine’s Day date. The v-neck has a scalloped edge design and the sleeves and bottom hem have a slightly smaller gather to make the sweater a little more blousy. This sweater is in great condition and ready to wear!

The Yes I'll Go On A Roller Rink Date With You Sweater
This sweater really has some class! It is a beautiful snow white, puff sleeve sweater with a delicate floral accent on the upper right shoulder. There is a lot of great details so this sweater that makes it so sweet and very feminine. It is in great condition except one small flaw in the knit on the upper left front shoulder. It looks like someone might have attached a pin and damaged it slightly.

The Who Needs To Have A Boyfriend Just To Wear A Comfy Sweater
Who needs to mess with the boyfriend…just buy this sweater instead. Great men’s cardigan sweater with two front pockets and knit detail on the front. Oatmeal coloring is a great neutral to add to your sweater collection! This sweater is snuggly and soft and sure to be one that doesn’t spend much time in your closet.

WallflowerVintage presents: Enterprising

Captain's personal log, Stardate 6712.4. As head of Starfleet Linguistic, my recent assignments have been most rewarding. So much so, I'm finding it hard to believe it's been so many years since I was first assigned to the Enterprise under Captain Kirk's command. I should be elated to attend the ceremonies honoring his accomplishments, but the memory of his passing twelve years ago is still very painful. And it doesn't help that my dear friend Scotty is still missing. Or that Sulu is away in the Gamma Quadrant for the next three years. Or that McCoy and Spock won't be able to break away from their negotiations with the Klingons. All this has made me realize that something is... missing in my life. Perhaps though, seeing some old friends attending the dedication of a very special ship is exactly what I need. Something we all need. - Star Trek: Of God's and Men.

Monday, January 25, 2010

In the February Issue of Antiques & Collecting Magazine - Vintage Patterns

The February issue of Antiques and Collecting Magazine - has an article called - 'Dress Patterns' - By LouAnn Shoemaker.
Rita from Cemetarian - - was an important part of this article, providing some background information on the history of patterns. She also provided all but 5 of the great images that you see in the 6 page spread here. I think that it's great that they used so many of the images that Rita scanned and sent to them while the article was being written. It makes it a very eyecatching article, with a great history on patterns.
Pick up a copy of the magazine to read the full informative article - which credits Cemetarian and the Vintage Fashion Guild as well.