Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Three Days of Christmas at Lucitebox.com

This special sale runs from December 16-18.

Wednesday begins our First Day of Christmas. On Wednesday buy things from Lucitebox.com and use the coupon code FIRSTDAY at checkout. With that code, you'll receive 25% off any purchase.

Guess what happens on Thursday? That's right! It's the Second Day of Christmas. Use the coupon code SECONDDAY and get 30% off anything on my site.

Then, on the Third Day of Christmas you'll save 35% by using the coupon code THIRDDAY at check out. (Can you believe it--35% off of anything on the site?)

Here's a hitch--the discounts change every day for the next three days at midnight CST. I don't have any earthly idea how to let you know what time something is on sale in say, Kilmahog, Scotland or Tin Sui Wai, China, so please don't ask. (Yes. I know. I could figure it out, but you'll have to rely on your own noggin' for this one. I barely know what time it is here.)

Goods paid in full by December 19 will be shipped on December 21. Anything that hasn't been paid for by the 19th of December will not be shipped until after the holidays. That's the deal.

Happy Holidays from Lucitebox.


andapanda said...

Awesome sale Holly! Love the photo. Your tree? Cool. Thinking of you~panda

lucitebox said...

Panda--yep. That's a close-up of the tree. It's tilting quite a bit. I think a drunk person might have set it up...

Hope you're stayin' warm, Andy!