Monday, December 7, 2009

Lucy's Cigarette pencil pants

Anyone remember I love Lucy in something like these pencil pants? The jacket and pants are a set from "Dynasty", made in the British crown colony of Hong Kong. Red Satin pants with the brillant blue jacket. I have these up at ebay with no bids.Crazy, huh????

Happy holidays from panda


twinklez1985 said...

I love I Love Lucy and yes I remember her wearing some like but black I think

andapanda said...

Super Twinklez1985! Thanks. Can you go to my listing and give me some pointers? Perhaps what I am doing wrong? Happy holidays, Andrea
ooopsss, I am
on ebay

lucitebox said...

That is a fabulous ensemble! I also love your glittery bird. Panda--always the stylist!

andapanda said...

Hi Holly!!! Happy Holidays~~~~Thanks for the comment. Birds were 1.99 at the hardware store downtown. Too cute, too cheap not to buy a bunch! I plan on adding them to hats perhaps. Hugs and love, miss you. Andy