Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Growing up Thrifting

I have been a huge fan of the thrift stores since I was small. I remember my dad would drive home on the weekends (after working up in Chicago all week) with his truck stuffed with huge thrift store bags. He would shop for us throughout the week to fill his free time and then he would bring home this treasure that my brother sister and I would get to sift through, try on and mix and match. It was a really great treat! As I got older, I would venture out to the ol' Goodwill stores with my my parents and friends from school. I remember introducing my friend, Megan, to Goodwill when we were in the 8th grade. She purchased a pair of polyester Chico's pants (her first Goodwill purchase). Her mom was not impressed. We didn't really hang out much until the end of high school after that shopping trip. At that time, my brother was working at our local Goodwill store and would scope out all the good deals and amazing vintage clothing for me. He would often call me on his break and tell me about some amazing skirt/shirt/hat etc. that I just had to come in and look at. At one point in high school someone told me that they had never seen me wear the same outfit twice. I took that as a major complement and is definitely one of the best things about vintage clothes shopping. Now as an adult I've taken my love of vintage clothing to another level by opening the Jennie Orr Store. I'm also very excited to be included in this awesome blog. I can't wait to use this time to talk about my shop, my amazing finds, and share some personal stories. In the meantime, check out my shop!

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