Monday, December 7, 2009

Fashion 101

I couldn't help but notice a recent post on Sharon Stone a couple of weeks ago in this red carpet ensemble and had to laugh at the writer's comments. Ms. Stone (above) actually made the "What were they thinking" post on OMG.

Now let's examine the photo below. Hmmmm... looks very similar now doesn't it?? This is from Dior's Fall 2009 line. You go Sharon. We think she looks amazing.

If you have not had a chance to look at this collection yet you must take a peek. Vintage style lingerie and 1950's fashion dominate. Girdles, garters & stockings along with tap panties, crinolines & satin bras are just a few of the little lovelies paired up with high 50's fashion in bright fabrics.

Since Dior is a luxury that most cannot afford you can "borrow" a few ideas from this collection. There are several online stores that sell vintage lingerie. Here are just a few.

Isabella's Vintage

Dollhouse Bettie


Silver Screen Loungerie

Heavenly Vintage Lingerie

Until next time :) Michelle

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