Monday, December 14, 2009

Accessorizing Your Accessories


Accessorizing Your Accessories

If you are like many women, you wear scarves at certain times of the year. Whether it’s for reasons of warmth during the cold winter months or simply a style preference, you can dress up your scarves with nothing more than a simple brooch.

If you enjoy the look of a wrapped scarf, place the pin in the front or slightly off to the side so that it’s visible. Everyone who sees you will know that you are a woman of fashion.

If you prefer to wear your scarves long and open, consider a compromise. With the scarf draped across your neck and hanging down in the front, bring the two ends together as though you were about to tie them midway down. Instead of tying them, add a pin to secure the two sides together and you will instantly have the look of a tie or ribbon that’s sure to be an attention grabber.

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