Thursday, November 12, 2009

WallflowerVintage presents: The Art of Uncle Art

Shelby holding the 1917 Graflex camera

by the red door

Shelby in a dress from our graveyard grunge collection (coming soon)

a strapless beauty

through the looking glass

This past Veteran's Day, we paid tribute to A.W. Byron (Uncle Art) by using his 1917 Graflex camera along with our digital camera for an inventive photo shoot (inspired by the photographic stylings of Kristybee).

We had secretly hoped to see residual images from post WWI Europe where Uncle Art was commissioned to "travel to the capitals of all nations asking for reparations from Germany". But instead were pleasantly surprised by the romantic, quite beauty of the photographs.

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the family vintage said...

love the pictues:) I love old style pics they always have such a dreamy quality to them.