Friday, November 6, 2009

The Vintage Scarf and Amelia Earhart


Silk scarves were used by pilots of early aircraft in order to keep oily smoke from the exhaust out of their mouths while flying. Silk Scarves were worn by pilots of closed cockpit aircraft to prevent neck chafing, especially fighter pilots, who were constantly turning their heads from side to side watching for enemy aircraft.


Solid Maroon Or Burgundy Long Silk Scarf

 Silk scarves are the most popular fashion accessory sold today. Fashionable women either tie them around their heads or wear them as neckerchiefs to add a pop of color to their wardrobes. Crafted from the strongest natural fiber, silk scarves are often passed down from generation to generation as precious heirlooms and chic designer relics from the past. 

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Pink Flower said...

Gorgeous burgundy scarf - I must admit scarf's are one of my long standing addictions.