Monday, November 16, 2009

Vintage Lingerie LUCIE ANN for CLAIRE SANDRA Peignoir Dressing Gown Nightgown

Apologies for the large pictures! They upload this way for some reason, even when I upload "small".

I'm so excited to present this gorgeous ULTRA RARE FIND that is created and fashioned by Lucie Ann for Claire Sandra, Beverly Hills, exclusive CLAIRE SANDRA BOUTIQUE for FROST BROS (exclusive upper scale department store of Texas)! Absolutely my pick of a lifetime gown. COUTURE DESIGNER very rare find gown. Not another like it on the internet or eBay. Very OLD HOLLYWOOD Glamor Diva Goddess Gown. RED CARPET WORTHY. Still with ORIGINAL STORE TAGS that retailed for $105 in the 1960's.

Lucie Ann designed and created all of Eva Gabor's peignoir sets for Green Acres. Lucie Ann, also sold exclusively for Claire Sandra of Beverly Hills. Not only did she design exclusively for Eva Gabor, she catered to the likes of Elizabeth Taylor. This is such an exquisite find for your finer lingerie collection and a true vintage treasure to cherish for many years to come.
The color is what I describe as BLUE OVER LAVENDER creating a TWO TONE ILLUSION EFFECT (color may vary from monitor to monitor), and created in 100% nylon.

An exquisite and much desired beauty that is designed to close in front with beautiful long pom-pom ties and additional inner ties. The POM POM ties can be wrapped around the waist and tied in front and also simply cinched in front allowing the back to flow loosely, FOR THAT DRAMA DRAPING BACK that is so desired. Imagine OVER 35 FEET OF FLOWING CHIFFON, with creamy soft all nylon lining. I LOVE the way the bodice ties, and gathers for that utterly gorgeous GODDESS APPEARANCE. This is the epitome of GLAM OLD HOLLYWOOD GODDESS GOWNS.
Just YARDS AND YARDS of CHIFFON EXPLOSION! Some may ask, "Is this a nightgown? Is this a peignoir? Is this a dressing gown robe?" Well it's ALL of the above. I suppose technically it's a peignoir dressing gown robe, but because of the styling closures, this can be considered a negligee nightgown too.

So where can you find this exquisite masterpiece..why here only at Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie! Click Here: Lucie Ann Gown


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Sorry for the large pictures! I choose "small" and they upload to large. I don't know how to fix or resize! :(

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I thought you might like this one.