Saturday, November 28, 2009

Use A Scarf Instead Of Wrapping Paper

Why Not Use A Scarf Instead Of Wrapping Paper!

1. Tie All 4 Corners Together At The Top
2. Bring All 4 Corners Up And Tie It With A Ribbon

Have A Party To Go To?

Why Not Wrap A Bottle Of Wine In A Scarf And Tie It With Ribbon

A little history I found:

The Knot-Wrap and knot-wrapping are dated back to a traditional Japanese wrapping method called furoshiki. A furoshiki is simply using a square piece of cloth, whose name means 'cloth for the bath.'
It was popularized in Japan in the 17th century, when people needed a way to carry their toiletries to the public baths.
Over time, furoshiki were used to carry or wrap just about anything. It's a symbol of Japanese culture and puts an emphasis on taking care of things and avoiding waste. 

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