Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Every week my husband and I hand select vintage pieces to sell in our store. We shop together. We argue over selections. Clean them. Take pictures of them. Finally, we offer them up and cross our fingers that someone will like what we like too.

That's what it comes down to at the end of the day. Does anyone else see what we see when we select a piece. We pick based on a color that made me gasp, an interesting detail, nostalgia, a killer shape, get the point....and the bottom line as always it a quality piece? As awesome as some things are they are bad quality or nearly past wearable. We always lament the ones we've had to leave behind.

Below is a sample of what we have in our store this week. We hope someone out there will see what we see in them.


80s sheer lavender peplum dress

80s white lace crop blouse

80s white hot leather motorcycle jacket

90s grey jersey harem pants

80s draped floral bustle dress

80s avant garde silver beaded shoulder dress

80s pearl button backless catsuit/jumpsuit

90s jewel studded sweater dress

90s acid wash mid calf skirt

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Rock Paper Vintage said...

that catsuit is utterly TO DIE FOR!!!!!