Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scarf Styles

Scarf Styles

As we've seen, scarves were made from a great variety of fabrics throughout history, each style being appropriate to the fashion trend of that period. Nowadays, scarves are mostly made from silk, rayon or acetate to offer light weight, strength, a shimmering finish as they have become looser and more free flowing. Cotton and wool are more common fabrics from which scarves can be made, those scarves being slightly heavier and with structure and often textured finishes.

Therefore, scarves have many shapes and sizes and also, many are designed for specific purposes. Considering size, we have bandanas and handkerchiefs with 14-16 inches on a side and shawl-like scarves which can be up to 48 inches on a side. As to their shape, they can be square, triangular or rectangular with fringed, fused or hemmed edges. They can also be dyed in many colors and have many patterns. Making a long story short, the sky's the limit.

Ways to Wear a Scarf

A scarf can be worn in many different ways: as shawls, head coverings, accent pieces, belts or even as a garment. Tie them or pin them with a piece of jewelry, do whatever you want in order to obtain the desired effect, may it be to add flair or to give a subtle accent to a certain style. Now, we shall have a look at a few of the possibilities to wear a scarf.


One of the traditional ways of using a scarf is that of covering one's head, whether to protect from the cold or rain. They are made to also look good in the process.

Another use of a headwear can be seen in the case of women who are cancer patients and suffer from a loss of hair caused by the chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.


The versatility of scarves allows their use as garments as well. Be inventive and play with your imagination, wear scarves as tops, as blouses or even as skirts.


No matter of the style of your outfit, a scarf can be a beautiful accessory. Want to add a splash of color to a plain or severe-looking garment? Wear a scarf that gives life to the otherwise blah outfit. Want to give a boring suit the femininity and softness it lacks? Nothing easier, again, use a scarf! You would be surprised to see the variety of ways in which you can wear a scarf and improve any outfit. Endless possibilities.

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