Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HOT Winter Fashion Trends for 2009

It's all in the accessories this year!

Vintage Inspired Coats - From Wool to Fur, Trenches and Peacoats are still all the Rage!

Boots, boots, boots! Whether they are over-the-knee or the ankle-high "shooties", mukluk fur style or easy rider bikers, boots have never been more popular!

Jeans, as if they ever go out of style, are back in every shape and color. From 80s neon to super-distressed grunge wear, there is something for you!

BAGS: aka purses, satchels, messengers, slings...and the bigger the better. If you can't fit yourself into it, it's not big enough!

You probably already have some in your closet, but know that you just can't have enough this year: SCARVES. Fat ones, skinny ones, plaid ones, print ones, knit ones, tassled, fringed, loopy. Ya can't go wrong!

Thanks to some strange step-child of the Japanese Lolita movement and the Prep School Gossip Girls, oversized hair accessories have become the norm! Big bows and headbands, flowers and feathers, sequins, ribbons...just do it.

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Diane said...

I'm not keen on hair bows but I know a few people who can pull them off pretty well. Its probably having the confidence to wear one and getting used to the look isnt it?

I've just completely revamped my winter wardrobe after going wild at the great universal but unfortunately like always I lost control when I saw the offers and went right into my overdraft!!