Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do you like paperdolls? Do you like Joan from Mad Men? Then check this out -

There's an artist -  Dyna Moe on Flickr  - who does cool drawings of scenes from Mad Men. And she has done a paperdoll set of Joan's wardrobes from each season of the show. I just thought they were very cool. I like how this season's paperdoll has an accordian and the bloodstained dress from the lawnmower episode!
If you go to her Flickr page you can download and print out the large version of the paperdolls, and check out her other artwork too.
I'll admit that I've lost some interest in Mad Men this season, maybe because it seems like there's less Joan? I don't know.  I haven't seen the last 4-5 episodes. But I keep up to date with Tom and Lorenzo's recaps

Bye for now, Carol


d.funkt said...

yup, definitely less joan. but the season finale is going to be big! sadly, i havent watched it yet.

d.funkt said...

but i have a feeling that early in next season, joan's husband will die in vietnam and so we'll see more of her.

thespectrum said...

How cool are those? I spent a great deal of my childhood sitting on a quilt in my Grandmother's yard making paper dolls & their wardrobes.

And, yes, the season finale was really good!