Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Collectible Vintage on Market Publique: Claire McCardell, Lanvin & Cindy Hughes

Horizons has outdone itself, and just listed some heavy-hitter, seriously collectible vintage pieces on Market Publique: Lanvin, McCardell and Cindy Hughes.

The best part? They're affordable.

Get ready, set BID!

Vintage 40s Claire McCardell Black Button Down Day Dress

Claire McCardell was a renowned American fashion designer, credited with the 'American Look'. She designed functional, affordable, stylish, wearable garments within the constraints of mass-production. She is now in the collections of many museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 1990 Life magazine named her one of the 100 most important Americans of the twentieth century, 37 years after her death.

McCardell designed for Townley from about 1931 - 1939, and then under Claire McCardell for Townley in the 1940s. This dress is probably from after 1944, as it also has the Lord and Taylor label, and Lord & Taylor started promoting American Look fashions around then.

See Wikipedia for more information.

Vintage Tropical Lanvin Convertible Floral Dress w Overskirt

This Lanvin dress is made out of luscious silk with tropical flowers all over.

The dress can be worn multiple ways as shown:

- One shoulder style

- Halter style around the neck

- As a deep V

It has a pencil skirt, but you can also wear the optional tiered ruffle overskirt, which ties on top like an apron.

Vintage Cindy Hughes Metallic Bronze Top Skirt Dress Jacket

A fabulous outfit for a night out, this listing is for the 4 pieces:

1. Halter top

2. Full Gathered Skirt

3. Extra Long Sash

4. Jacket

This outfit is so versatile. Wear the halter top and skirt for a dress look. You can tie the bow / knot on the side or on the back as shown. You can top it off with the jacket, which you can cinch with the sash or wear as a scarf or head accessory. So many options! We suggest breaking it apart and getting more wear by:

- Wear the halter top with jeans on a night out

- Wear the skirt with a simple black knit top for a dinner date

- Top a little black dress with the metallic jacket

- Wear the sash as a belt or as a hair accessory

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