Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bargain Glitz from Jasne Jewels

Here is Arlene Dahl, MGM star actress promoting her latest movie, "Here Come The Girls", in 1953. She is wearing a dazzling rhinestone bracelet with matching earrings. We all have our glamour moments. Jasne Jewels wants to share with you some bargain vintage accessories to bring out the movie star in you!

Wearing white pearl button gloves with a vintage black velvet fold over purse for a mere $14, at this price, you can afford some vintage glitz for a night out. The elegant black velvet purse comes with a long gold chain handle ending in a gi-normous costume pearl to throw over your shoulder.
In these black evening gloves, this vintage Baronet silver leather clutch is a knockout at a bargain price.

Don't be shy darling, a vintage sixties moon purse with a hidden leather shoulder strap cries for attention. Don't let the size fool you, the large handbag opening holds a ton of your personal stuff. On your wrist, the art deco sterling silver rhinestone bracelet is worthy of Jean Dahl or any one who wants to feel like a star. Shine on!

First time Jasne Jewels customers get a 20% discount. As always, all jewelry ships free in the United States and Canada.

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