Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WallflowerVintage presents: Wearing Vintage

We find that our clients are looking for a fresh look with a wink and a nod towards another era. Whether it be the big hair eighties or the roaring twenties, mixing vintage with today's shoes, hair, and clothing styles doesn't have to be a challenge.

Pair up a vintage double knit maxi dress from the 70s with today's black leggings and a pair of patent leather heels.

Add a cascade of pearls to a 1970s asymmetrical dress in emerald green. A pair of open toe pumps freshens the look.

A cropped houndstooth swing coat from the 1950s looks fabulous with a new sweater dress, black leggings and funky heels. A vintage tweed coat from the 60s looks up to date with a new maxi dress.

Classic riding boots set off this wonderful plaid suit from the early 70s.

There's nothing old about this vintage look.


Michael St. James said...

Love all of these pieces! Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!

Lynn said...

Thank you! In this huge web we weave, it's nice to get noticed!