Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vintage Rummy

Rummy is apparently British slang for strange. Who knew? We like it! This week's collection is the rummiest. Well it's not that it's super strange....we just wanted to use our new word in a sentence. There's more in the store we promise. THE FAMILY VINTAGE

p.s. auctions end on Thursday

90s denim parachute pants w/ plaid patches. Thanks MC Hammer.

80s avant garde jumpsuit/pantsuit.

80s black full sequin jacket/blazer

80s hot denim & lace jeans. The high waist flips up/down. These are just nuts!

vintage chiffon petticoat skirt. Chocolatey-plum chiffon. This poufs for miles and will take you from daytime square dancing to the layering queen of the night.


Lynn said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the jeans! Keep 'em coming!

Make Do Style said...

gosh lovely sequin jacket and dress.
the styling is great for all the outfits - they all look in fabulous condition

the family vintage said...

thanks a lot you guys! you are too sweet:)