Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vintage Lingerie on Mad Men

I'm simply mad for Mad Men with the ever so yummy and delicious Don Draper and Roger Sterling, not to mention the beautiful women such as voluptuous secretary Joan, the frumpy and dowdy, Peggy Olson, and the sweet and not so innocent Betty Draper. But what I really want to talk about is the lingerie...what else?

Are the principles wearing period vintage lingerie the same even when they’re not going to get undressed on camera? But of course! I recently learned they (the actresses) always wear true, period/era vintage lingerie. Seriously, the vintage foundations for the ladies are really why I think so many people have been so attracted to the costume design of the show. Not only does it help the vintage clothing/garments they are wearing look better but it also helps the actresses walk the way they’re supposed to walk! *giggles*. It’s about transporting the actresses into an era and for the audience to be transported as well.

I would think it's a challenge for the sex scenes, sort of figuring out, like, Okay how is this garment going to open? What are we going to see? Are we going to see the slip? Are we going to see the girdle? Are we going to see the garters? You know, just seeing all of the layers.. HOW EXCITING! I always love that. You TOO can get this look by visiting my eBay store only at SWEET CHERRY VINTAGE LINGERIE!

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The above photo is of a gorgeous LUCIE ANN that I actually sold awhile back in minty green.

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figure8studio said...

oooh! I love how you are documenting the vintage lingerie in Mad Men! I'm a huge fan :)