Monday, October 5, 2009 Presents 100 Under $100

It's September and the irony of watching the Spring 2010 collections trotted out on the cusp of daylight savings time isn’t lost on us at VNyc. That said, early autumn weather in NYC and in a large portion of this wonderful world, doesn’t call for the “investment pieces” - the autumn leathers, robe-tie coats and cocooning knits - the fashion-editors have been flogging us with for some time now. It’s a transitional time. So what better way to make the transition than with an on-trend-in-a-VagaBondNyc-sorta-way item or two? In this spirit we’ve added more than 100 of these items all under 100 bucks. You'll be fly as ever, your piggy bank will be none the wiser and those thigh-highs closer-than-ever to your thighs.

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