Thursday, October 29, 2009

To Market We Will Go....

Those of us that adore vintage items have reasons for it. Some of us are fond of the designs, or the patterns and fabrics used. Some of us enjoy having something with imaginable rich histories. Personally I have several reasons for preferring vintage pieces to the modern day mass marketed threads.
I support the "reuse, reduce, recycle" campaign whole heartedly. Even to the point that I, a city dweller, have free ranging chickens in the backyard. Yep. I asked my hubby one day to build me a chicken coop...and he did of course. Slowly, together as a family we have been incorporating greener ways of living into our every day lives. I am not talking about shutting off the electricity and building our house from the left over aluminum foil in the fridge. There are ways that each of us can enjoy a simpler, healthier way of life without burdening our already hectic lifestyles.

While I do garden, as often as possible (which is incidentally not often enough to keep many living plants), there are several things that we do not grow here at the house. So in order to stock our cabinets and set our meals we attend the Farmer's Market once or twice a week. I try to take my kids with me as often as possible. Both of them enjoy it and I usually enjoy taking them as well. That is until my 4 yr old starts to "sample" the homemade soaps. I can still picture his puckered little face. Darling I tell you. Memorable for the both of us to say the least..well, and probably the soap maker as well.

Some of you may be fortunate enough to live in an area where the Farmer's Market is available year round. Unfortunately, I do not. However throughout my many years attending the event I have made several farmer friends in which I can visit to stock up on items that they may have in season. I have compiled a short and sweet list for you to get started on your own venture to the market today.

The first thing you will need is this adorable Vintage Market list. Made from wood in Japan this pre set list ensures that nothing is ever forgotten. Simply remove a peg and place it next to the item you need. perfectly adorable and fully functional this Market Minder is available in the Trumperies shop for only $10.00. What a great gift for the vintage lovers kitchen too!

Vintage Market Minder available for $10.00 at Trumperies.

The next thing you will need of course is a great dress! I adore this Sapphire blue and embroidery dress from Smitten Clothing. The peasant style cut and bohemian accents make it the perfect Farmer's Market dress. Get out, enjoy the fresh air. Fall in love with the wavoring scent of homegrown, ripe vegetables. And do it all in perfect non fussy fashion. This blue beauty is listed for $25.00.

Vintage Sapphire Embroidered Peasant dress available on Smitten Clothing for $25.00.

The weather here can never make up it's mind. The morning may start out at a bone chilling 20 degrees, only to find the afternoon to bring rays in the high 80's. Most Farmer's Markets are in the morning, so make sure to always have a jacket or coat handy. I love this vibrant Pumpkin Coat. The print alone is quite eye catching, but the tailored design makes it a must have. Available in the AdVintageous shop for $40.00 to most, but not you. AlleyKat readers get 15% OFF of total order!! Simply mention this blog when purchasing. Kudos to AdVintageous for having great vintage pieces, and making them available to us!order! Thanks AdVintageous!!"

Mod Pumpkin Coat with tailor cut. Offered by AdVintageous for $40.00. AlleyKat readers get 15% Off of Total order! Thanks AdVintageous!!

This next item should be a household staple whether you frequent the market or not. If you don't have one, it is okay..I found one for you. This wicker basket bag is available in the MySecretCloset shop for $18.00. I am somewhat of a handbag collector and the wicker bags are personal favorites of mine. I have them in every shape imaginable. I love how you can dress them up or let them be casual, as they speak for themselves. Classic in styling, wicker bags are always in fashion. Snag this case up this price it won't last long!

Vintage Wicker Box Purse. Offered for only $18.00 by MySecretCloset.

The last item I have is one that requires imagination. Part of what makes vintage pieces so neat is that we all have different reasons for loving it, we all have unique uses for them. Use that imagination and come up with something unique and creative. Take a little reminder of the Farmer's Market with you with these Six, 12 x 12" squares of fabric. I know that a lot of you know how to sew..what about a great half apron? A kitchen cafe curtain? The fabric pieces are available in the StitchinPost shop for $10.00. What would you use them for?

Six 12 X 12" Farmer's Market fabric pieces. Available at the Stitchin Post for $10.00.

Are you hungry yet? I am and I plan on hitting the market first thing on Sat morning. If you are a regular, congrats and keep it up. If you have never been before, give it a whirl..I know you will find something you like. We all like food right?

Good night All


(All pictures are used with permission. For more information on the items listed or the sellers featured please click on the pictures above or contact us directly. Quick reminder that AlleyKat's will be taking Sat off for the holidays. So the next discount blog post will be appearing on Wed.)

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