Monday, October 5, 2009

'The Red Machine' Screening - attend and possibly win ReVamp gift certificate

Posted on behalf of Stephanie Argy Co-director of 'The Red Machine'
Please contact Stephanie with any questions about the film or giveaway -

THE RED MACHINE will have its world premiere at the 32nd annual Mill Valley Film Festival (in Northern California) so we've gotten together with Annamarie von Firley, who designed all the women's costumes in the movie, to give away two $200 gift certificates for vintage-inspired reproduction apparel from von Firley's fashion studio reVamp.

One $200.00 gift certificate will be presented at each of the movie's two Mill Valley screenings:

Sunday, October 11, 3:45 p.m.
Monday, October 12, 4:30 p.m.

Both showings will be held at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center, 1118 Fourth Street (Between A & B), San Rafael, CA 94901.

THE RED MACHINE stars Lee Perkins and Donal-Thoms Cappello as a U.S. Navy spy and a professional thief in pre-World War II Washington DC. The two have to break into the home of a Japanese military attaché and figure out the workings of a new code machine (nicknamed the Red Machine by the U.S. military) that Japan is using to encode top-secret messages - a mission complicated by the spy's encounters with people from his heart-breaking past in Japan seven years earlier.

Von Firley's designs were a major element of the look and style of THE RED MACHINE. To draw a sharp distinction between the world of the spy and the world of the thief, we chose two different palettes for the two different worlds: everything in the spy world is blue, gray or black, while everything in the thief world is brown or green. Von Firley carried this choice of palettes into her costume design, while creating multiple outfits for the four female characters, including office wear, day wear and evening wear.

The Mill Valley Film Festival was founded in 1978 and has been named one of Screen International's top-ten U.S. film festivals and is well known for the quality of its programming. Each year, the 11-day festival sells over 40,000 tickets and welcomes more than 200 filmmakers from around the world. This year's festival will honor Clive Owen, who will also be on hand for the opening night film The Boys Are Back, and Uma Thurman, who will be there with the movie Motherhood.

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Meg Brogan as Agnes Driscoll, head of U.S. Navy Cryptanalysis in THE RED MACHINE, wearing an outfit designed by Annamarie von Firley

Hilary Pingle as Ruth Doyle, wife of thief Eddie Doyle, in THE RED MACHINE, wearing an outfit designed by Annamarie von Firley. With Lee Perkins as the U.S. Navy spy Lt. F. Ellis Coburn.

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