Monday, October 26, 2009

Makeup Monday

It's Makeup Monday time with our resident Pro PinUp Miss Amanda Lee!!

Last week’s installment discussed the creation of your makeup canvas, and this week we’ll take a look at the next layer of color: Blush and contouring!

I’ll start with a little history on the concept of contouring. This method uses light and dark to shade the planes of the face, adding depth to bring out the various features of one’s face. It is this subtle depth that prevents your makeup from looking flat. The famous Westmores invented the concept of contouring; this family team of makeup artists was highly sought after during the heyday of Hollywood and revolutionized the art of face makeup. The Westmores used contouring the add balance and enhance or downplay the features of the famous actresses of the time. By adding balance, we mean to add symmetry to one’s face—soften a square jaw or add width to the temples and jaw line of a diamond-shaped face.

Contouring is a subtle art, especially when used for your daily face! In other words, this is not the racing stripe blush so popular in the 80s. The most commonly contoured facial feature is the cheekbones, though; adding shadow to the underside and highlight above this area enhances or brings out the bone structure. Contouring can also be used to subtly narrow the width of the nose or add fullness to one’s upper lip. It’s a fascinating art form, to say the least!

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makeup monday lice-treatment said...

Wow, i sure do love makeup. Go Amanda lee! there is a HUGE art to applying makeup in a way that creates new shapes and shadows. I wish I had the talent, but alas...i do not.

Great article. Cheekbones can really be accentuated w/ makeup too!

Great article-