Saturday, October 17, 2009

How To Care For Your Scarf

How To Care For Your Scarf

Pure silk is a valuable natural material with a wonderful luxury feel to it.

Care for silk scarf should be handled with love and care. When not wearing it, fold it without creasing it and store it in a box wrapped in tissue paper. You can also hang it over a padded hanger.

If your silk scarf is wrinkled you can always iron it. To do so use the lowest heat setting of your iron (one scale).

Silk can be cleaned by hand washing with cold or lukewarm water using mild soap. You can put herb sachets in the drawer where you keep your scarves, it keep the silk scarves fresh with light fragrance. It will keep your silk scarf fresh with a scent of light fragrance.

Do wash fabrics such as cotton, linen and some wool mixes.

Try a test patch on an inner seam or concealed area before plunging your garment into any washing product. Repeated washing can damage the fibers of any item of clothing... especially vintage. To keep your piece in good condition, wash them as little as possible.

Dry Cleaner Cloths are a great investment for home washing care. One cloth can clean up to six items. An old wives tale that actually works; For garments that are too delicate to be hand washed, simply hang them in a room with a bowl of white vinegar for a few days, allowing the vinegar to absorb any odors.

Old-fashioned metal zippers can benefit from lubrication as this will keep them flowing smoothly.

Don't wash fabrics such as rayon, pure wool, silk, satin, taffeta, acetate and lace.

Regardless of the wash care instructions on very old vintage items, washing or dry cleaning them, especially when it comes to silk, can be very harmful to their delicate fabrics. Try to resist the temptation of wearing an Scarf two days in a row.

Airing allows the garment's fibres to breathe and restores it for the next wear.

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