Monday, October 19, 2009

HOT Vintage Item Searches on eBay

Hi Fellow Vintage Sellers!

These are the current top 10 popular searches in Vintage Clothing & Accessories on eBay:

1. dress
2. boots
3. vintage dresses
4. vintage dress
5. chanel
6. girdle
7. vintage
8. fur
9. stockings
10. panties

Looks like vintage dresses and their underpinnings are all the rage!

WOWers from the Most Watched Items List:

Pearl Collar Victorian Choker

Vintage 20s Beaded Silk Flapper Dress

Wishing you the best in your vintage adventures!



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Careful what you post as most watched in vintage as not everything is being watched because it is desirable OR vintage. Case in point, that necklace is a new repro that is in the wrong category and has been reported upteen times by many people. It's likely being watched so it can be tracked if pulled or recategorized correctly.