Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All In One

The revival of the romper (and also extending to playsuits, jumpsuits, catsuits, and bodysuits) - a style that's been with us for a few fashion seasons now. Personally, I have shrills of glee every time I come accross an "all in one" and have probably bought and sold more of these vintage beauties in the past year than any other vintage seller I know.  And for wearability - there's hardly a match for style, comfort, and ability to ride a bicycle in!

Let's go back in time.... to Spring of 1991, the March issue of Sassy magazine fashion editorial All In One.....

"You're a busy girl.  So why would you bother putting on two pieces of clothing when one super romper will give you image, wearibility, newness and fun?" - march sassy p.39

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90's retro chic is vintage in the new millennium.
labels include: Tripp, Vanity, Paris Blues, Switch, and Necessary Objects.

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HUzzah! Vintage said...

Padma was wearing one crazy ass bright green jumper a few few weeks ago on Top Chef. The contestants' thinly disguised reaction shots were priceless.

Threadhunter-Vintage said...

Yes, it is a sad day when jumpers haven't made their acceptance in the media. It will probably be a couple more years before people can get over it.

the family vintage said...

We love a jumper!

propriatress said...

all so cute! but the ladies must pee, so these aren't a part of my closet...but for once in the 70s, but I am in awe of the gals who hold the romper out of the toilet and look swell!