Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cape Town

One of my staple items for Fall is always a cape. Just warm enough for those chilly days, but still light for when the sun is shining. Plus the cape silhouette is so flattering - perfect for throwing on over jeans and a tee for brunch with the girls.
Here's a few of my favorites, which range from bohemian style to more polished military style:

60s Vintage Red and Black Military Cape, Violetville Vintage

60s Vintage Deadstock Butterscotch Suede Saks Fifth Avenue Cape, Market Publique

80s Vintage Red Italian Shawl Cape, Lady Days Vintage

Avant Garde Vintage 80s Fox Tails Cape, Scarletbird Vintage

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Circus, Clowns & Knitwear

One of my favorite pieces in the store this week. Fantastical. I love the silky satin appliques. The story theme. The fuzzy knit. The Chaplin/Harlequin/Picasso--esque-ness. And the hearty knit that's like homemade bread to me.
vintage 80s jumper: Vanessa Grey Knitwear.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Get Ready for New Year's Eve!

Linda Wink

Bad Girl Vintage

52 N York Road

Willow Grove, PA 19090


A spectacular, golden gown from the 1940s. Perfect for that extra, special New Year's Eve Party. Shelf bust, full skirt....perfect for dancing the night away. See this special vintage dress in my Etsy listings...AND MORE!

Vintage Scarf Clips And Buckles Added

Vintage Round Mother Of Pearl Metal Scarf Clip Or Buckle

Made Of Metal
Color:  Silver And Mother Of Pearl
Spring Loaded Back

Measurements:  1 1/4 Inches

Vintage Holiday Fashion

Linda Wink

Bad Girl Vintage

52 N York Road

Willow Grove, PA 19090


Spectacular vintage fashion for the Holidays! See this beautiful, 1950's red velvet, bomb shell, pin up, wiggle dress with bolero! Stitched detail with scattered rhinestones make this a one-of-a-kind, man killer of a dress.



Most shoes are $14 to $30, at my 6-month etsy celebration!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

To Market We Will Go....

Those of us that adore vintage items have reasons for it. Some of us are fond of the designs, or the patterns and fabrics used. Some of us enjoy having something with imaginable rich histories. Personally I have several reasons for preferring vintage pieces to the modern day mass marketed threads.
I support the "reuse, reduce, recycle" campaign whole heartedly. Even to the point that I, a city dweller, have free ranging chickens in the backyard. Yep. I asked my hubby one day to build me a chicken coop...and he did of course. Slowly, together as a family we have been incorporating greener ways of living into our every day lives. I am not talking about shutting off the electricity and building our house from the left over aluminum foil in the fridge. There are ways that each of us can enjoy a simpler, healthier way of life without burdening our already hectic lifestyles.

While I do garden, as often as possible (which is incidentally not often enough to keep many living plants), there are several things that we do not grow here at the house. So in order to stock our cabinets and set our meals we attend the Farmer's Market once or twice a week. I try to take my kids with me as often as possible. Both of them enjoy it and I usually enjoy taking them as well. That is until my 4 yr old starts to "sample" the homemade soaps. I can still picture his puckered little face. Darling I tell you. Memorable for the both of us to say the least..well, and probably the soap maker as well.

Some of you may be fortunate enough to live in an area where the Farmer's Market is available year round. Unfortunately, I do not. However throughout my many years attending the event I have made several farmer friends in which I can visit to stock up on items that they may have in season. I have compiled a short and sweet list for you to get started on your own venture to the market today.

The first thing you will need is this adorable Vintage Market list. Made from wood in Japan this pre set list ensures that nothing is ever forgotten. Simply remove a peg and place it next to the item you need. perfectly adorable and fully functional this Market Minder is available in the Trumperies shop for only $10.00. What a great gift for the vintage lovers kitchen too!

Vintage Market Minder available for $10.00 at Trumperies.

The next thing you will need of course is a great dress! I adore this Sapphire blue and embroidery dress from Smitten Clothing. The peasant style cut and bohemian accents make it the perfect Farmer's Market dress. Get out, enjoy the fresh air. Fall in love with the wavoring scent of homegrown, ripe vegetables. And do it all in perfect non fussy fashion. This blue beauty is listed for $25.00.

Vintage Sapphire Embroidered Peasant dress available on Smitten Clothing for $25.00.

The weather here can never make up it's mind. The morning may start out at a bone chilling 20 degrees, only to find the afternoon to bring rays in the high 80's. Most Farmer's Markets are in the morning, so make sure to always have a jacket or coat handy. I love this vibrant Pumpkin Coat. The print alone is quite eye catching, but the tailored design makes it a must have. Available in the AdVintageous shop for $40.00 to most, but not you. AlleyKat readers get 15% OFF of total order!! Simply mention this blog when purchasing. Kudos to AdVintageous for having great vintage pieces, and making them available to us!order! Thanks AdVintageous!!"

Mod Pumpkin Coat with tailor cut. Offered by AdVintageous for $40.00. AlleyKat readers get 15% Off of Total order! Thanks AdVintageous!!

This next item should be a household staple whether you frequent the market or not. If you don't have one, it is okay..I found one for you. This wicker basket bag is available in the MySecretCloset shop for $18.00. I am somewhat of a handbag collector and the wicker bags are personal favorites of mine. I have them in every shape imaginable. I love how you can dress them up or let them be casual, as they speak for themselves. Classic in styling, wicker bags are always in fashion. Snag this case up this price it won't last long!

Vintage Wicker Box Purse. Offered for only $18.00 by MySecretCloset.

The last item I have is one that requires imagination. Part of what makes vintage pieces so neat is that we all have different reasons for loving it, we all have unique uses for them. Use that imagination and come up with something unique and creative. Take a little reminder of the Farmer's Market with you with these Six, 12 x 12" squares of fabric. I know that a lot of you know how to sew..what about a great half apron? A kitchen cafe curtain? The fabric pieces are available in the StitchinPost shop for $10.00. What would you use them for?

Six 12 X 12" Farmer's Market fabric pieces. Available at the Stitchin Post for $10.00.

Are you hungry yet? I am and I plan on hitting the market first thing on Sat morning. If you are a regular, congrats and keep it up. If you have never been before, give it a whirl..I know you will find something you like. We all like food right?

Good night All


(All pictures are used with permission. For more information on the items listed or the sellers featured please click on the pictures above or contact us directly. Quick reminder that AlleyKat's will be taking Sat off for the holidays. So the next discount blog post will be appearing on Wed.)

Bringing Back the 80's Jewelry

Today I will be listing a collection of 80's jewelry to the House of Le'Moore etsy site. I have a bundle to list so stay tuned for earrings like these lime green hoops, and oh don't forget the the diamond shaped earrings that were a hit with Grace Jones and Madonna.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WallflowerVintage presents: Wearing Vintage

We find that our clients are looking for a fresh look with a wink and a nod towards another era. Whether it be the big hair eighties or the roaring twenties, mixing vintage with today's shoes, hair, and clothing styles doesn't have to be a challenge.

Pair up a vintage double knit maxi dress from the 70s with today's black leggings and a pair of patent leather heels.

Add a cascade of pearls to a 1970s asymmetrical dress in emerald green. A pair of open toe pumps freshens the look.

A cropped houndstooth swing coat from the 1950s looks fabulous with a new sweater dress, black leggings and funky heels. A vintage tweed coat from the 60s looks up to date with a new maxi dress.

Classic riding boots set off this wonderful plaid suit from the early 70s.

There's nothing old about this vintage look.

New Items From Some Like it Vintage

We are still offering FREE SHIPPING within North America to celebrate the re-launch of our website!



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What-I-Found - Sewing Patterns brings you Wedding Romance!

McCalls Pattern 6910 Vintage 70s Spectacular Wedding Gown, Bridemaids Dresses - Detachable Train, Sheer Cape! Uncut Size 8

Simplicity Pattern 6825 Vintage 60s Empire Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid Dresses! Uncut Size 12 Bust 32

Simplicity Pattern 8091 Vintage 60s Empire Wedding Gown - High Neck -Four Versions! Complete Size 12 Bust 34

This and many other bridal choices can be found at What-I-Found - Sewing Patterns!

Vintage Lingerie CHIFFON Nightgowns & Lingerie.. So Heavenly!

Vintage Lingerie Chiffon Lingerie, Chiffon Nightgowns, Chiffon Panties! So much chiffon to get lost in! PURE HEAVEN! Imagine rolling around in all this fluffy delightful cream-puffs. Available now at Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie

House of Le'Moore Back On Etsy Horray!!!!!

We are back up on Etsy and I am so happy. I've been working hard taking all new pictures, finding a new website, and I have a new mannequin for now we will call her (Vonda). I also have a new studio space were I can focus and take better pictures. The House of Le'Moore is new and improved on Etsy, and new personal website is gping to be finished hopefully this friday so you will be able to take a sneek peak at that as well. There is still a lot of work ahead but it is well worth it. Here is a sneak peak at what we have in store now.

500 Vintage Patterns for Sale!

I have a large assortment of vintage patterns for sale at Fuzzylizzie Vintage Patterns, everything from 1920s frocks to early 80s designer duds.

And for my latest vintage adventure, check out The Vintage Traveler .

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ending Soon On Ebay: Mixed Jewelry Lot

From Elisa's Bodacious House of Style on Ebay

This is a lot of assorted jewelry for resale, personal use or crafting, which ends tomorrow. It is also from the same estate, and except for the watch, unsigned. The photo does not do it justice, but the price is only $4.99! Check it out!

Remember, it ends tomorrow! Earrings, brooches, a necklace and a watch, for the taking.



Homeward Bound

Going out is even, but sometimes wrapping up in your coat and heading home is where it's at.

Simon and Garfunkel
vintage handknitted cardigan. Fall harvest motif. Wooden Buttons.

vintage Aigner rabbit fut & knit coat. Draw tie waist. Awesome!

vintage mohair plaid sweater coat. Fuzzy. Purple.

vintage Lilli Ann swing coat. Crazy on you black wool swing/trapeze.

vintage red/navy sweater cape. White triangle outlines.


Makeup Monday

It's Makeup Monday time with our resident Pro PinUp Miss Amanda Lee!!

Last week’s installment discussed the creation of your makeup canvas, and this week we’ll take a look at the next layer of color: Blush and contouring!

I’ll start with a little history on the concept of contouring. This method uses light and dark to shade the planes of the face, adding depth to bring out the various features of one’s face. It is this subtle depth that prevents your makeup from looking flat. The famous Westmores invented the concept of contouring; this family team of makeup artists was highly sought after during the heyday of Hollywood and revolutionized the art of face makeup. The Westmores used contouring the add balance and enhance or downplay the features of the famous actresses of the time. By adding balance, we mean to add symmetry to one’s face—soften a square jaw or add width to the temples and jaw line of a diamond-shaped face.

Contouring is a subtle art, especially when used for your daily face! In other words, this is not the racing stripe blush so popular in the 80s. The most commonly contoured facial feature is the cheekbones, though; adding shadow to the underside and highlight above this area enhances or brings out the bone structure. Contouring can also be used to subtly narrow the width of the nose or add fullness to one’s upper lip. It’s a fascinating art form, to say the least!

To view more great info please visit our website.

(All information is per Miss Amanda Lee)

Who Doesn't Remember Woolworth's

Vintage Green And Blue Floral F.W. Woolworth Nylon Scarf


The F. W. Woolworth Company

(often referred to as Woolworth's) was a retail company that was one of the original American five-and-dime stores.  The first Woolworth's store was founded, with a loan of $300, in 1878 by Frank Winfield Woolworth. Despite growing to be one of the largest retail chains in the world through most of the 20th century, increased competition led to its decline beginning in the 1980s. In 1997, F. W. Woolworth Company converted itself into a sporting goods retailer, closing its remaining retail stores operating under the "Woolworth's" brand name and renaming itself Venator Group. By 2001, the company focused exclusively on the sporting goods market, changing its name to the present Foot Locker Inc.

By Woolworth’s 100th anniversary in 1979, it had become the largest department store chain in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.


Deal of the Day from Born Too Late Vintage for our lovely lady customers!

Vintage 1950s Navy Blue Straw Platter Hat with Clip Underside

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