Sunday, September 20, 2009

‘Mad Men’ mom finds ‘Oprah’ show dress in Des Moines vintage shop

If you're a Mad Men fan, be sure to watch Oprah on Monday. January Jones and Jon Hamm (yummy) will be on the 1960s themed show. The audience will be dressed in 1960s clothing (or 60s inspired clothing, but we will overlook that)

January Jones' (Betty Draper) mother Karen will be in the audience too and she will be dressed in a 'Real Vintage' dress from Dorothea's Closet!
Mom Karen lives in Iowa, where you will find the brick and mortor Dorothea's Closet Shop, and she came in to the shop and tried on several dresses.

Ang from Dorothea's talks about Karen's visit to her shop in her real-vintage blog - the photo above was taken by Ang of Karen in the shop, trying on one of the dresses.

Read the whole story of the shopping trip to Dorothea's Closet from the Des Moines Register -
‘Mad Men’ mom finds ‘Oprah’ show dress in Des Moines vintage shop


Diana said...

January's Mom does not look like the mother of a grown woman! Of course she is gorgeous. And what a great story.

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All4womensdresses said...

This is interesting to read. Does that vintage clothes shop have a website? I would love to find some vintage women's dresses.