Thursday, August 20, 2009

and The Countdown Begins

Auctions are ending tonight!! We like this week's pieces so much they inspired a song. The song choice was inspired by the first dress. A killer androgynous design that put us in mind of David Bowie's genius at gender bending fashion. So sing along....and remember that these are but a tiny bit of what's in the store.

x The Family Vintage

(to be sung to the tune of Ground Control to Major Tom. Please.)

NOTE: I really hope someone who has a thing for vampires buys this hooded jacket and wears it to see New Moon on opening night. I don't know why (but it so matches Bella's truck) just seems to be this jacket's purpose in life. Anyways. Of course you don't have to wear it there. It would be could wear it anywhere you want....but could you at least walk around in a forest with it on...just for a minute?

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