Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WallflowerVintage presents: Suzy Perette

1950s "New Look"
Late 1950s cocktail
1960s Mod look

1960s cocktail dress

If you own a Suzy Perette dress, you understand the allure of this fantastic brand. Funny, it is not the name of a real person! The Suzy Perette dress manufacturing company opened in NYC in 1949 as the answer to the post war French Dior look; high quality, lots of fabric, cinched waists, but also affordable. The company stayed in business until 1970.

We here at Wallflower Vintage have an affinity to Suzy Perette dresses of every era and are always on the look-out to find these rare delights.

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Anonymous said...

I have a suzy perette dress that im looking to get rid of.. do you know where i could find a buyer?