Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vintage Earrings

Vintage earrings are so much fun to own!

Not only do vintage earrings have historical history, you most likely will never experience being in the same room with someone wearing your earrings.
When you purchase vintage jewelry and wear it, you are displaying historical wearable art and each piece has a story to tell, from the use of materials, the design, to the era it was crafted in and its influence.
One beautiful example of earrings from the 1950s is this designers use of crystal beads to make cluster earrings. When Dr. H. Schmied discovered the method of apply a special coating to the crystals which produced colors of the rainbow was Aurora Borealis (AB) born. However it was not until 1955 that Manfred Swarvoski had the coating perfected for use. Working closely with Christian Dior, who was the first to have access to the stone that fired rainbow colors. This pair of earrings are coated with AB and are not only spectacular the can be worn with many different color outfits.
Vintage Designers, such as Coro, produced earrings that will remain classic's such as these simple yet elegant screw back earrings Goldtone chandelier earrings.
When the 1970s came along jewelry became bigger and some seemed to become larger than life itself. These large earrings are experiencing a revival today. One example of those larger that life earrings is this pair of chandelier earrings were worn by my mother in the 70's.

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