Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jewelry from Calder to Skateboards

A great post from Collectors Weekly's new Daily Blog!!!

Looks like a busy summer for folks interested in antique and vintage jewelry! A quick look around the web yields some interesting finds:

Alexander Calder jewelry exhibit opens in San Diego

Calder jewelry exhibitOpening in San Diego next week, this stunning vintage jewelry exhibit features playful “wearable mini mobiles” made by sculptor Alexander Calder out of simple materials like industrial-type wire. Over his lifetime, Calder created more than 1,800 pieces of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches) from wire, brass, silver, gold, pieces of broken pottery and glass........ read full post on our Daily Blog


Modernist Jewelry in Brooklyn; Sacred Ornaments in Texas



Trading down, trading in: Economy gives vintage jewelry a push


From skateboard to bracelet: Renewable jewelry


But our favorite for this month is a company that’s cutting up old skateboards to make neat summer bracelets and earrings. Calder would have been proud!

Read all the details on our Daily Blog


lucitebox said...

Thanks for this. I've had interest in Art Smith ever since I saw an article on the exhibit. I'd love to take a trip to NY to see some of this amazing stuff.

Another odd coincidence--I have earrings made from skateboard wheels. They're vastly different from the ones you've shown. I wonder where they are, though? Too much stuff here!

vintagejeans said...

i saw some very interesting and creative stuff on your blog. Vintage fashion rocks!!