Saturday, July 11, 2009

Audrey Hepburn Style...

When I hear the name "Audrey Hepburn," I automatically think of her wicked-awesome style. It was classy, sophisticated, but never too serious. So how does one get the Audrey look? Read on to find out.

Audrey Hepburn Wardrobe Staples -

Black skinny jeans

Men's button down shirt

Little black dress

Capri pants

Ballet flats

Those staples are essential to creating the perfect Audrey-inspired wardrobe. As long as you keep the basic ideas and cuts of these pieces of clothing, you can experiment with colors and patterns to make the clothes more "you."


Audrey's makeup look was simple and pretty. You never caught her with a huge smear of fuscia powder on her cheeks. Try to go with your natural beauty instead of changing it.

Go for the dewy look. Audrey's skin looked healthy and glowing.

Try black cat-eye liner, but keep the rest of your make-up simple.


2. Mens wear

3. Feminine

Those three words are the keys to the Audrey Hepburn style. But whether you're wearing a flour sack or a ball gown, always conduct yourself with poise and good manners.

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