Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day to save 35% on all vintage!!

Thats right, we're down to the final hours of our sale at All vintage clothing and accessories, heck, everything on the website can be had for 35% off. Just enter keyword Celebrate at checkout and your discount will automatically apply. We've got mens and womens clothng, purses, shoes, outerwear and even patterns for you sewing enthusiasts. But hurry over, the sale ends today at midnight!

What Happens When VagaBonds Meet...

The lovely people at Scallywag & Vagabond, a wonderful news site focused on popular culture, the arts & fashion came and spent the afternoon with yours truly at and picked our brains about what we think about the world of vintage, fashion and lifestyles.

About Vnyc, Scallwag & Vagabond brilliantly noted "Current and interesting, their styles span several past decades and, with the reverent, giggling spirit of Vagabond, manage to invent for themselves a quality of newness within their gem-like rags."

Click here to read more of the article! And be sure to check out while your at it! Free-Shipping Everywhere!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

20% Off Sale Ending Today

Today is the last day to enjoy the 20% off sale at House of Le'Moore. Keep checking in for other great specials soon to come!

Pretty Things

As usual, I'm rolling out the lovlies to auction on ebay.
1950s sun dress in black & white cotton with yell butterflies on the full circle skirt.
1890s Victorian "Aesthetic" Gown in color-change blue silk taffeta with beadwork.

1940s nubby rayon crepe blouse with hand-embroidered pansy flowers.

1940s nubby rayon crepe skirt with hand embroidered roses and calla lily flowers.

Trained 2-piece 1870s Victorian gown in purple and cream striped silk.

Black and white hand-painted 1950s Mexican circle skirt with scenes from Guadalajara.

Rock A Hula Baby!

There's nothing like a vintage tropical print maxi to rock the summer in style. From vibrant hues to kicky details to bold, jaw-dropping prints~ Fast Eddie's Retro Rags does Hawaii!

RED HOT HIBISCUS Long & Lean Cotton Maxi Dress

BELL SLEEVE Vintage STAN HICKS Empire Ribbon Hawaiian Maxi Dress

PAKE MUU Vintage CUTOUT SLEEVES Hawaiian Maxi Dress


Le Jour de la Sirène: A Fashion Happening Fit for Film

Submitted by - Zeva Bellel, Founder & Editor of - 'Paris By Appointment Only'™

"At high noon the first Wednesday of each month a series of sirens rings throughout Paris to test the city’s emergency warning system. Startling at first, the practice grounds you in the present—at that very moment you know exactly where and when you are. The sound is also a haunting blast from the past (it’s impossible not to think of curfews and distress alarms when you hear it). For those in the know, the signal has another sense entirely: it’s a stirring reminder to attend Jacques Fivel’s monthly fashion happening, Le Jour de la Sirène (The day of the siren), later on that evening."

Continue reading - Le Jour de la Sirène: A Fashion Happening Fit for Film

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vintage Earrings

Vintage earrings are so much fun to own!

Not only do vintage earrings have historical history, you most likely will never experience being in the same room with someone wearing your earrings.
When you purchase vintage jewelry and wear it, you are displaying historical wearable art and each piece has a story to tell, from the use of materials, the design, to the era it was crafted in and its influence.
One beautiful example of earrings from the 1950s is this designers use of crystal beads to make cluster earrings. When Dr. H. Schmied discovered the method of apply a special coating to the crystals which produced colors of the rainbow was Aurora Borealis (AB) born. However it was not until 1955 that Manfred Swarvoski had the coating perfected for use. Working closely with Christian Dior, who was the first to have access to the stone that fired rainbow colors. This pair of earrings are coated with AB and are not only spectacular the can be worn with many different color outfits.
Vintage Designers, such as Coro, produced earrings that will remain classic's such as these simple yet elegant screw back earrings Goldtone chandelier earrings.
When the 1970s came along jewelry became bigger and some seemed to become larger than life itself. These large earrings are experiencing a revival today. One example of those larger that life earrings is this pair of chandelier earrings were worn by my mother in the 70's.

Vintage Scarves Add Timeless Style: Today

Vintage Scarves Add Timeless Style: Today’s Great Fashion Find

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New from The Collectors Weekly: Watch Auctions Live

Going, Going, Gone....

Catch some of the excitment of a live auction on The Collectors Weekly. Watch the seconds tick away on top eBay auctions in your favorite categories like fashion, fine-jewelry and costume jewelry.

Vintage Mexican Silver Jewelry Finds from Jasne Jewels

I am still unpacking our treasures from my trip to the Northwest.It was very hard to say goodbye to friends and the incredible Puget Sound scenery. We managed to find a few wonderful pieces , like this set of two large silver bead necklaces made in the 1940's and signed by the maker, in Iguala. This first strand is 32 inches long.

The second strand in the set is sixteen inches long, with that great bold Mexican look we adore.

This is my favorite bracelet we found out west. It is eight inches long, making it a great fit for a larger wrist. I love the inset azurite and the way it is offset from the center in each of the seven disks. The bracelet was signed Nestor, with an Eagle 3 registration. Muy guapa.

Don't forget our promotion code JJ20510 of 20% off your first time purchase at Jasne Jewels. And, of course, free shipping of all our jewelry for our US and Canadian customers!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Garden Party

I've been attracted to florals lately and I've just listed a few pretty pieces that would make any woman feel right at home at a garden party!

Etsy725 021
Vintage 70's Floaty Ethereal Pastel Roses Wrap Dress

Etsy725 095
Vintage Garden Party Floral Betsey Johnson Jacket

etsy630 135
Vintage 50s Floral Artistic Brushstrokes Full Circle Skirt

iKonic Vintage

Peek-A-Boo Pleats

WE LOVE HIDDEN OR not so hidden tailoring on 40-50's dresses. They just don't make them like they used to. Notice the perma pleats hiding between the fabric covered buttons. This is a killer crepe dress!

Hugs from panda

Pretty vintage slips and Cute 1940s, 1950s 1960s Day Dresses

Just added at Dandelion Vintage -

Bye for now, Carol

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vintage Fashion That Doesn't Add to the Deficit!

It's been said as the First Lady goes so does the nation go in the name of fashion. Michelle Obama has it all. She has a statuesque figure complimented by her beautiful skin, classic hairstyle and poise. What a pleasure it will be to dress her. Of course if I had my druthers she'd be wearing mostly vintage.

Of course a First Lady has no end of occasions to dress for and the fashion world will be keeping a close eye on what First Lady Michelle Obama decides to wear. I had a great time choosing some wonderful vintage fashions that are guaranteeed to make the most of our First Lady's fabulous figure without adding to the national deficit!

Vintage 1960s Goldworm Paisley Floral Pants Suit and Scarf B38 W34 H42

Vintage 1970s Black Goth Crepe Like Maxi Evening Coat B34 W38 H42

Vintage 1960s Aqua Silk Shantung Two Piece Dress and Short Jacket Suit B38 W36 H40

Vintage 1940s Navy Blue Crepe and Satin Special Occasion Dress with Original Belt B42 W36 H42

Vintage 1960s Harvey Berin Hot Pink Daisy Print Maxi Dress B33 W27 H48

Vintage 1970s Herbert Grossman Blue Dress Suit B40 W38 H40

Vintage 1950s Hong Kong Cheongsam with Black and Plum Brocade Jacket

Vintage 1970s Bloomingdales Purple Linen Maxi Dress B34 W30 H34

So What Are You Waiting For?? Let's go Shopping! With our Christmas In July Sale take 10% off listed price!

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Designer Dresses

New at Couture Allure this week are several great vintage party dresses. We've also added lots of new things not shown here, but you can find them under the What's New tab at our site. There are a few things I wanted to show you today, including a Lilli Ann suit and a Hanae Mori couture dress, but they've sold already. Are you checking the Couture Allure website frequently for updates? We list new items 2-3 times a week!

Remember the Rosalie Macrini dress from last week? It is now sold, but this vintage 1950's cream satin strapless dress by Fred Perlberg comes from the same estate. AND it is new, old stock with the original tag still attached!

Thierry Mugler is hailed as one of the most important designers from the 1980's. This vintage Mugler dress is fashioned from an unusual combination of brown and purple gabardine.

This vintage late 1960's mini dress sparkles with lots of metallic gold thread, huge rhinestones, and beads. The unusual cut-away armholes take this dress over-the-top!

Black velvet is ruched at the center front and forms a fitted bodice with dropped waist on this 1950's party dress. That satin skirt is a full circle when laid flat.

If you march to a different drummer and are always looking for something different to wear, I've got just the thing. This vintage 60's cocktail coat is fashioned of metallic silver cord that has been sewn into a lacy openwork design.
When perusing vintage magazines, I sometimes come across designers that I've never heard of. This dress is by Lisa Meril, an unsung maker of high-end dresses in the 1960's and 70's. Lisa Meril dresses were featured in Vogue, and sold for beaucoup bucks back then. This one, from the late 1960's is mini in length and comes with a matching scarf. I love the silk burnout fabric.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Belle du Jour...maturity and pink...

oh yes..........

.....when Catherine Deneuve appeared in the 1967 Luis Bunel French film, Belle du Jour, the clothes made the ladies sigh......
Not only was her wardrobe designed by Yves Saint Laurent....but master shoemaker Roger Vivier designed her shoes.......

The Andrew Geller pumps in brown alligator have a big button detail on the toe that is so inspired by, most likely, the Vivier pilgrim pumps....these are in my etsy shop....
Andrew Geller was a high-end shoemaker and these likely came from Nordstrom...back in the day...

here's a lovely blog post from
that discusses the Pilgrim buckle shoe and well, the blog itself is on my burgeoning blogroll of sites that discuss um...
the persons of maturity and wisdom...
oh yes. Life after 50 is so much better for so many reasons.....
a sense of who you are...many illusions have died and a peaceful soul begins to grow..
that was pretty new-agey...
but wisdom is comforting...and so are lower heels.
Leave the stilettos to the young girls looking for love in all the wrong places...

and....This week in my etsy shop I have a stunning Emma Domb formal, with a size 32" waist.

The dress is a confection in pink lace, long poofy princess skirt and delicately proper in a peek-a-boo sort of way.........