Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Listings! New Design! New Model!

Hey vintage gals!

What an awesome summer for vintage! It has never been a better time to buy vintage fashions!

Why buy vintage? For several reasons!

1.) Recyling is good for the Earth!
2.) Get quality unique fashions for FAR less than department stores!
3.) Helps say no to child labor in 3rd world countries (ie. department store junk)!
4.) You help a small business instead of lining pockets of CEO's who need another BMW!
5.) Did we say it's GOOD FOR THE EARTH!

So seriously folks, quit throwing your money away on overpriced, mass-produced junk and BUY VINTAGE!

You will look better and feel better too! And hey, in this tough economy you can always save a few bucks, look great and help out others!

So check out for the cutest vintage fashions at low prices!

We have a new model, new listings, and our page has been redesigned by a fellow vintage lover/seller CaliVintage! You should check her out too!!!!

Thanks guys and heres hoping you have a VINTAGE SUMMER!!!


Wicked Plum Vintage

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