Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Having A Vintage Sale At One's Home--EEEK!

Hi -

I have not posted here in a long time, mostly due to mundane health problems that have made it tough to be at the computer as long as I would like. In any event, I decided to have a Vintage Recessionista Sale at my NYC apartment this upcoming weekend.

I am an idiot.

First I sent out an Evite (email invitation) to about 200 people. 4 said yes, 11 said no, the others never responded. Then I stuck it on Facebook and invited everyone in the known universe, even if they lived in Los Angeles. So far, the same 4 people have said yes.

However, this still means that I have to make dozens of price tags and signs, borrow a second clothing rack, clean the apartment (EEK!) and figure out a way to convince my paranoid husband that everyone who comes into our apartment won't steal our books. ("Look, hon, a 1971 paperback edition of John Cheever stories! It's a must-have!") I'm dreading feeling like a hostess at those dinner parties in the movies where nobody shows up.

(My apologies to whatever seller whose VBO logo I used. Pardon my syntax!)

On the bright side, it will force me to go through my inventory (again--EEEK!), wash a lot of pieces that need to be washed, and, most important, have an excuse to buy sweet snacks. I'm offering coffee, tea, and sugary stuff to the attendees.

For those of you who can't make it to New York, I have lots of stuff listed at The Mad Fashionista's Plus Size Boutique on Fashiondig, and also at Elisa's Bodacious House of Style on eBay. Tell 'em hoardmeister sent you.

And if you live in New York, dear God, RSVP!


Brigitte said...

I would so be there if I could however I'm in Cali. It would be cool if you could gather others that sell vintage type items also and you can all sell together and invite each owns contacts.

I've always wanted to throw a vintage party to unload some goods and make a buck or two. How fun would that be?

CEMETARIAN We Dig Memories said...

It was my logo and you are most welcome to use it..........hehehehe

Hoardmeister said...

Thank you! It came in very handy!!