Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"French Room" Merrival by Merrimac Felt Hat with Pheasant Feathers- 40's

French Room – The Dayton Co. Merrival Felt Hat by Merrimac with Pheasant Feathers
Elegantly stylish and very vintage, this beautiful ladies hat is a must for that retro outfit you are putting together! All markings inside the hat are as the subject states in this post and seen in the pictures. I would say the sandy beige felt is in very good shape and still holds it shape and the double rim that is merely shaped as such The Grosgrain ribbon is fine and all is clean. The bow is a bit tired and does not lie perfectly. But the feathers…the feathers are remarkably in perfectly natural condition! Multi-tone beige to brown, they curve around the side of the hat to accent the shape. The label position tells me that the front of the hat is the START of the feathers. So they wrap around your head to the right and towards the back. But some experimenting and your preference would lend it in any position.This hat is from the 40’s or 50’s. It measures 9"W X 7L X 5H. There is a 22 on the label. It will fit a medium or small. There is a hat pin hole and a hat pin included. Beautiful! 408.355.0436

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