Friday, June 12, 2009

Floral Beehive Hat by Dayton’s

Oh my goodness…I love this fun hat. The contrast between the deep rich black velvet base and the brightly colored red and mauve flowers and the variegated greens in the leaves is positively striking! Little yellow pestles are in the center of each flower to give it an extra kick! It sits on the head straight up so that the 1 oversized flower (5” x 4”) rests on the forehead! It is truly a beautiful yet fun hat circa 50’s to 70's.The black velvet is actually wired tubing that is adhered to the mesh seen in the photos. It is wound around the mesh (which is very firm) to create the beehive look. Each leaf is wired too for shaping just right. The mesh will allow for coolness in the summer. The hat measures 7"W x 9"L 6.5"H. Dayton's was a long time family owned department store, in Minnesota, which sold out in the 1980's. They were high end, comparable to Macy's. Can’t you just see yourself at the next garden party in this fabulous hat? It would be adorable to add a little bee to this work of art. 408.355.0436 pst

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