Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Collectors Weekly, a resource for collectors and people who love antiques and vintage items

The Collectors Weekly: Vintage Fashion, Fine Jewelry and Costume Jewelry

Blast from the past: a great flashback article, originally published in 1948, Two 18th Century New York Dresses describes the dresses worn to a ball by two prominent women in 1780. This is one of many articles from the American Collector Project, a publication from the 30's and 40's given new life in new technology on The Collectors Weekly.

The Collectors Weekly is a site to explore and learn about antiques and the art of collecting, and showcase the passion and knowledge of collectors everywhere.

For you Vintage fashion buffs, we have a great Fashion and Accessories family with eye candy to suit you up from head to toe, and to fill your mind with great reference about vintage fashion.

We feature interviews with experts like Christie Romero, who talks about collecting fine and costume jewelry, specifically focusing on the various styles, eras, materials, designers and manufacturers, and Amy Karol, who talks about her lifelong love of vintage clothing, especially vintage aprons, and how vintage designs and patterns have influenced her own sewing and writing.

We also bring you the best of eBay in over 40 fashion and jewelry related categories, updated every two hours.

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