Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Claire McCardell at the CFDA Awards

Weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Tracey Ullman about a Claire McCardell dress I had sold a while back, still shown on my site's archives page. She had been asked to host the CFDA Awards and not only is a huge fan of McCardell but thought it appropriate to wear a great American designer for the event. While it had sold, I happened to remember who I sold it to AND remembered that she had contacted me about wanting to sell it herself, having decided to pare back her own vintage collection. I worked a little magic and everyone ended up happy. Customer sells dress, Tracey adds dress to her collection and dress ends up being worn to a star studded event....all the way from its humble home in Des Moines, Iowa to a celebration of America's top fashion designers on stage in New York City. A perfect ending for the perfect vintage dress.

The McCardell, as photographed by me a while back (before a crisp paper background...I cringe looking at this picture!)

And last night on Tracey, with ZAC POSEN (lightened so you can see that marvelous waist treatment, iconic McCardell)...


Anna said...

Gorgeous dress!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a major accomplishment! I wonder if Courtney will be jealous of Tracey?

Maybe Courtney will buy one of your Sugarlids. After all she has so little taste.

Andrea said...

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Way, way cool!

Ang said...

"Maybe Courtney will buy one of your Sugarlids. After all she has so little taste."


Thats just rude, no wonder you posted anonymously.