Thursday, May 14, 2009

Using A Scarf Clip As Jewelry

Scarf Clips as Jewelry

Beautiful scarf clips can also be worn as jewelry, accessories to your hat, shoe accessories, belt accessories, USE YOUR IMAGINATION.

Using the scarf clip as a pin or brooch is easily accomplished with only a safety pin.
Place the safety pin on the inside of your upper garment. Pass the loop of your scarf
through the bar created by the safety pin. Close the scarf clip. (Recommended for a
solid face scarf pin.)

1. Add to a chain and use as a pendant.
2. Need dressy shoes? Add a pair of matching scarf pins to a plain pair of shoes.
3. Clip onto belt and wear in front or on side.
4. Clip onto a hat.
5. Add a scarf to a hat and secure with a scarf clip.
6. Add ribbon and tie around wrist.

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Hey Viv ! said...

Hi - Found your blog when I was researching clip on jewelry. I like your creative ideas. I'm a sweater clip collector myself but I think I'll also look into scarf clips. Thanks for sharing.