Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great Vintage Day Dresses at Dandelion Vintage

One of my favorite things about Summer is that I get to wear my pretty Day Dresses. In the Winter, I'm usually in sweaters and jeans, too cold for stockings and dresses. Plus I usually only wear black stockings, and they just aren't suited for lightweight Summer dresses. So as soon as the weather starts to break, I pull out my dresses and try to decide which to wear first.
The 5 dresses above are ones that I'll be wearing this Summer (no, sorry, they are not for sale. Mine!) The second dress above is a Swirl (jealous?) I love a fabulous Swirl! A Swirl is a perfect Summer dress - cool cotton, comfortable, with an adjustable tie waist. The navy print dress is Lee Wently for Wentworth.

Now, the dresses below are for sale at my website
And I have some very cute Day dresses to fit every style and budget -

Check out my Day Dresses on the following links -
* I have a few 1940s Dresses
* Many 1950-60s Day Dresses
* Some XL Size Dresses
* And Day Dresses from the late 1960s thru 1970s

Bye for now, Carol

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