Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Everyone Hits a Bump in the Road

and I hit mine on Memorial Day. For those of you who use my Pattern Dating pages, don't be alarmed if you go there and find them missing. I was asked to remove the date lists because they are supposedly copyrighted. How you can copyright public domain information, I don't know, but...........I decided to take the bump in the road as an adventure and restructure the pages........so come back soon and hopefully you will find bigger and better and much more accurate information than was on there. I would receive multiple emails every week telling me the lists were wrong so, perhaps it's a good thing to do my own research instead of trusting something just because it's "published".

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Since I'm digging in my files .... here's a bit of Eye Candy

and one really spectacular find that is available right now on eBay.

1948 Hillhouse-Mansfield Dress Design Draping & Flat Pattern Making Hardcover Book


Marie Reed said...

This is all true eye candy! Fun!

Anonymous said...

FYI: Information is not considered public domain unless it's pre 1923. Anything copyrighted after 1963-64 (as Blueprints of Fashion was)automatically has the copyright renewed ad infinitum, so the author owns the rights to that material. Kudos to the original author for his brilliant foresight and for taking the time to compile the lists, and thank heavens for US copyright law, that allows him to protect his original work. Let us not detract from the work it took to put it all together by plagiarizing it without permission.