Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beautiful VINTAGE & Artisan dresses & jewelry

Hi Everyone! A message for you and I will can get to work..

I have returned from a trip to Brazil and PURCHASED the most beautiful handcrafted ARTISAN jewelry GEMSTONES Crystals & dresses and leather work..!

The handcrafted jewels are from an artist who resides in a town of Parintins in the Amazon region of Brazil

His work was unbelievable to me, his family uses beautifully mined crystals and gemstones leathers and brass and wearable art from day to night & even in the ocean the jewelery is gorgeous all natural

If you love unique you must own one of his works of art to wear

The dresses are created by hand from the gauze WE love.. that real gauzy breezy fabric that hippies lived in during the 60s and 70s and NOW ...

His one of a kind beautiful dresses are all whip stitched and artfully pieced together he also uses beads and seashells on the dresses each one is completely different

he is my favorite Hippie seller in Leblon & Ipanema Beach, I purchased most all he had and now only 2 left!!

They are spectacular!

much more to come each day .. any questions please email me and thank you for shopping & loving our boutique..

Cheers Angelina

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