Thursday, May 21, 2009

Attention Defecit Dance Shoe Disorder

I found these shoes in a dusty vintage clothing store where I dig on a regular basis here in central Pa. I've wanted a pair of vintage peep toe shoes for myself for sometime. I tried them on and they fit. Home James! There they would keep company with the others in the dance shoe corral. My justification for purchase was my upcoming trip to the Portland Blues Festival and the many dance venues and clubs where I planned to wear them...

Upon returning home I started looking at them closer. These were custom made shoes, with hand painted numbers on the inside. I can hear some very wealthy woman ordering them. "I want three and a half inch Cuban heels". Make sure you line the back of my shoe with suede so there is no rubbing. I want gold rivets every eighth of an inch across my instep. Wow. I am not worthy of these shoes. Besides, I really did not need a third pair of ballroom shoes.

I also own three pairs of tap shoes, but that is another story.


Jessica Cangiano said...

Positively gorgeous, what a superb find! You definitely deserve these vintage beauties!

Wishing you a splendid weekend,
♥ Jessica

maddy said...

I am selling them to cover costs of my Portland trip.They are beauties!

Metro Retro Vintage said...

They are so great looking! What a nice score.