Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who Is The Vintage Scarf And Why Should You Buy From Me?!

Who And What Is The Vintage Scarf And WHY should You Buy From Me?

The Vintage Scarf is an online women’s clothing store that specializes in Vintage Scarves And Scarf Accessories.

My name is Paula and I am the Owner and Soloprenuer of The Vintage Scarf. I call myself a solopreneur because that is what I am. The sole person of the business. I came up with the name, I design and maintain the website, I buy and sell the scarves.

What Makes The Vintage Scarf So Special?

The Vintage Scarf is made from my pure passion for vintage. Every single scarf that is sold is inspected by me. One by one. I iron it, I take the picture and I put it on my website. All of my scarves are REAL Vintage and one of a kind. Meaning they range from the 1930’s to the 1990’s.
If it has the slightest flaw it does not go on my website.

Why Are My Prices So Low?

My scarves are made of the finest quality of material and they are not made cheap. Sure I am here to run a business, but also I am just a normal person who needs to watch her budget. I want to make The Vintage Scarf affordable for everyone! It is tough out there and If I can make someone feel better by wearing one of my scarves then I have done my job.

Why Should You Buy From Me!?

I put my heart and sole into this business and I carry that over to my customers. My customers are my 1st priority. I communicate with them, I ask them questions about my site, I let them know about scarves added to the website. My customers are real people not just someone who buys a scarf from me.

Thank you so much for such a great experience and absolutely stunning, top of the line vintage scarves!

Your scarves are beautiful! You are right about the wonderful quality too!

I loved your scarves when I looked at the pictures. When I held the ones I bought in my hands, they were even more beautiful!

This Is Who The Vintage Scarf Is And This Is Why You Should Buy From Me.

Thank You


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